CS-II Headquarter
53, Ubi Ave 1, Paya Ubi Industrial Park
53, Ubi Ave 1, Paya Ubi Industrial Park
    CS-II Premium Centre
#01-40, Singapore 408934
#01-40, Singapore 408934
How to make a booking?

Making a booking online for your beloved car is really simple with CS-II!

First, if you have not already done so, register an account on CS-II by clicking on "Register"

Fill in the fields and an account will be created for you once you have filled in all the information, please remember to add your car details as you will not be able to make a booking if this is missing

Once registered and logged in, click on "Services"

Browse and select a service you wish to book

Confirm the booking details on the popup window

Once you have selected your service, click on "Cart"

Once on the booking page, click on a date on the calendar you wish to book, dates that are red or yellow are not available to book

Once a date box has been selected, the box below with the workshop details will appear below, select a booking slot (AM or PM)

Once you have selected a slot, confirm if you will be making full payment or a deposit payment (Currently at $100)

Also confirm that you have agreed to the terms and conditions

Click "Checkout" to confirm the booking, you be taken to the invoice page, where you can make payment by clicking on the Paypal "Pay Now" button at the bottom

Once you have clicked on the paypal button, you will be taken to Paypal's secure payment page, where you can pay using your paypal account or just with your card

You booking will be confirmed once payment has been completed